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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Paperwork.....Paperwork and Oh More Paperwork

Yeah I am filling out a lot of it. With school coming up and daycare for the baby I have TONS of paperwork. I hate paperwork. Do any of us enjoy it? There is always inevitably something I do not have the answer to and have to ask about. I am also studying (or pretending to) study this BLS book for my CPR class on Saturday. I really wish I wasn't going to be there amongst a group of people I do not know. It's going to make the day seem that much longer. I'll survive though. I will manage somehow.

Other than all of this excitement I have nothing new to report. I'm trying to enjoy my last few days of relaxation then begins the craziness. One bit of good news is that my English class does not start until October. I'm not really sure why but hey I'll have more time to focus on my other classes and kind of getting into the groove of things.

Well I think I'm going to sneak off and play Bejeweled for a little while. I have a score to beat.



Anonymous said...

I'm gonna haveta try that bejeweled!

That must be some dang good stuff!

ChocDrop said...

Bejeweled is so much fun!!!

Melissa said...

Yes I hate paperwork too. If you want to do a quick study before you get to your CPR class go to they have videos you can watch so you know how to do it. I think there is a charge, but it is worth it if it is your first time.

infoweblink said...

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