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Monday, August 17, 2009

I Think I'll Do It

I'm going to host a giveaway pretty soon on this blog. I have some really cool digital picture frames. Yes I have a few. I got a great deal on them and me being me could not pass them up. I might just give one out to one of my lovely readers. I figure why not spoil those who like to read what I pour out onto my blog? Well not only this but there is another giveaway right now. I am not hosting it but I am linking it from my other blog. I was informed that if I could get 40 people to sign up through my site I would be compensated in the amount of $100. Ummm yeah I could use that. Who couldn't right? So you can sign up to win some Ugg Boots and at the same time be helping a girl out. It's a win win right? Well just go over to my other blog here:

Follow that link and enter. It's pretty simple. It's not one of those giveaways that says you have to sign here, subscribe there, post here and there and search all over the place. No. I don't even bother with those because I haven't the time. This one however isn't so bad. And the boots are VERY in style. Win them for your girlfriend, wife, or yourself! Cold weather is coming fast for some of us. These would make a great gift too. Oh and all entrants get 15% off so I really think this is a win win situation all around. So what are you waiting for?



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