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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

So This is What Totally Exhausted Feels Like

I am wiped out. I got up REALLY early, got myself ready all the while reminding myself I had to make it through this road construction to get to class. I have to do this 4 times a week. Monday, Wednesday, Friday and a night class on Wednesday too. My other classes are on a different campus. Anyway I dropped the girls off at school pretty early, took Gabbi to daycare and then did the traffic thing. I sat and sat and finally pulled up to the school. There were signs blocking off a lot of the parking lots saying they were full. Uhhhh yeah. I had no choice but to drive until I found something. I walked into my 9 a.m. class at about 9:04. Yes I was STILL a few minutes late. The thing is? I am going as early as I can. My girls are being dropped off at school before they can go into the building as it is. They wait outside. Gabbi is being dropped off a little earlier than I had told them she would be as well. So it's not like I can take my kids to school 40 minutes early you know? My drive to school by the way counting sitting in traffic is over an hour easy. Without traffic I'd say the drive is about 45 minutes or so. I do it twice one Wednesday. I am heading to my first math class tonight. I wonder what the traffic will be like around 5:30? :( UUUUGH.

See the first pic? I was behind that car obviously and can you see the miles of cars in the right lane and the bridge in the distance. This is what I am sitting in. I took this last pic while I was sitting on the bridge waiting. Apparently I need to clean bug guts off my window. (Mental note)


Anonymous said...

No other routes you can take??

Sandi said...

nope...the school is a couple of miles past the bridge and the construction goes all the way there. I could go up interstate part of the way and then end up trying to merge into that line of cars....but I'd still end up in that same line stinks for sure.

Vhiel said...

I been on that verge of total exhaustion... school, being a wife and a mom.. managing the househould... there's just a lot of things to do...

by the way I just started following your blog... i hope you can follow mine too. ;0)

i just started following your blog I hope you can follow mine. :)

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Bring Back Pluto said...

Traffic is absolutely the worst! It feels like such a waste of time. However, at least you're being somewhat productive....taking pics, etc.

Maybe you could come up with more things to do??!!

Books on tape...or

Carry a recorder to tape your ideas/posts

It's tough to balance being a parent and an actual person with a life. Good luck!

Your Friend,
Bring Back Pluto
Hope you'll visit...take care!


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