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Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Good Weekend

I did have a good weekend. It's always nice when that happens isn't it? I am a bit upset about the "s" being out only laptop. It's the coffee's fault! Like I tell my hubby. The cup keeps flying out of my hand and landing on my keyboard. Damn those flying coffee cups. Regardless I am using the On-Screen keyboard for the letter s. So if I miss a few, please forgive me. I will spell check but you know. It happens?

Anyway Friday night was going to be spent at home pretty much not doing anything other than maybe watching a movie or whatever but a good friend Jeff gave my hubby a call and begged us to get out. We wanted to anyway so it did not take much begging. We got a babysitter and went out where another friend was DJ'ing and my sister's band also happened to be playing. At different times obviously. There were some bad sound issues at first. I felt really sorry for my sister because she really is an awesome singer. The band rocks. The drummer reminds me of Dana Carvey's drum scene in Wayne's world 2. lol I just watched it the other day. That is why it came to mind. God could that guy play the freaking drums. Wow. Anyway yeah....the next band that came up was good but less my taste. They did a whole lot of screaming literally. So we left to hit a few other places. I ended up dancing the night away with my friend Denise and some of her friends and my hubby and his friends. It was an awesome time. I admit to not feeling 100% sober when I got home.

That is a delicate way of putting it. haha I was pretty gone. I had a great time though and needed the stress reliever. I wanted to add that I am no longer importing this particular blog as notes onto my Facebook. Way too many family joined and now I feel I have to sensor what I say here. I do not want to feel that way. Since I feel that is the only way the majority of my family reads this then I won't feel such a need to sensor myself. I drink. I like to party and shake my butt on occasion. I come from a large family of Baptists so this kind of makes me a bad seed I think. Only on occasion. ;)


Middle Aged Woman Blogging said...

Oh, I would never had made a good Baptist! Kitchen dancing is my thing... I love to dance! Glad you had a great weekend and kicked up your heels! It's good for your spirit!

Anonymous said...


feeling not 100% sober?!
I'm using that for sure!!
That tickled me.
you could use the z key for s, so you'd be out shakin your azz.

Baptists can't party?

(outside chance I'm Baptist!)

Becky Bent-Gosch said...

Justin and I will get you a couple of snakes to dance around with. Then you won't have to feel guilty...LOL
I crack myself up!


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