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Monday, August 17, 2009

The Mirror Pic

Doesn't every person have a pic of themselves holding their digital camera looking in the mirror these days? I have seen my fair share of these pics. Actually I have seen multitudes of the same few shots on many sites. There is the kissy face....which of course I had to imitate. I posted it here once. Not sure where it is at the moment and don't feel like searching for it! I have seen so many of these pics of people in their mirrors. Many times the mirrors are covered in splatters of something or smudges and smears and of course you don't notice that until you take a really great pic of yourself in the mirror right? I love seeing the various kinds of pictures people take. Peace sign....lip sticking out.....angles above the head. But there is one girl who beat them all. She has the same pose in every single picture of her. No variety same side of her face, same lip pout....all the same. Makes me wonder if any photoshop is involved but regardless, it's worth watching if you are in need of a laugh. :)


Michelle said...

LOL...too funny

mcangeli said...

her head is even tilted the same way in almost every shot.....


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