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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Miley's Pole Dancing?

I love getting out to a club and dancing on a pole as much as the next gal but let me tell you I do find this inappropriate. I don't get bothered by much of the teen celebrities craziness. Even when Britney kept flashing her goods I didn't care. But this girl has to me a lot of promise. She's young still and hasn't yet spiraled totally out of control. I believe she is on her way though. Why am I talking about Miley Cyrus? Well I read that she did some pole dancing bit on the Teen Choice Awards. Actually it said she danced and sang by a pole. So I thought oh whatever it can't be THAT bad right? Well.....I was wrong.

The girl in the background seems a tiny bit creeped out by it.

Let me ask ONE question. Is that her bra? Where is the back of her shirt? If you have no back you don't show your bra. This style ticks me off actually. Girls....I do NOT want to see your bra hanging out like some redneck trailer trash chick ok? Cover it up. This is not style. It's stupid.

She is like 15 or 16. Billy is sticking up for her which is fine. He is her dad. But celebrity or not, this is not ok. I have daughters. This is not ok. It's not right to put her on display like that and it's not right for her to flaunt it to every pedophile on the planet ok? She needs to be a better role model. She is losing it fast. It's now totally nerdy to wear anything Hanna Montanna or to be seen carrying a backpack with Hanna on it. Trust me....ask my 9 year old. Ha!


Mee2 said...

You are so right about the bra thing. I mean WTH? I think it's gross to see another girls bra hanging out her shirt like this. So much worse because they're doing it on purpose. Ugh!

Bill said...

I totally agree with you Sandi. I did a post on this at my hollywood site. Some people said she was not doing anything wrong. These are young kids she is dancing in front of. I love your remark about trailer trash had me rolling on the floor. She did say she made this seen about her trailer park roots LOL. Have a great weekend my friend.

Quadmama said...

If she had been performing at an MTV awards show I would have said "what do you expect?" But this was the Teen Choice Awards... a show geared toward teens and tweens. And this is a TEEN. I don't get why we keep sexualizing young girls. I do NOT want my daughters to think this is normal. OK, I'll climb off my soap box.

Sandy B said...

I join y'all on this soapbox. Totally inappropriate actions for anywhere, any time, for a gal this young. And that outfit is just trashy on anyone! Period.


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