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Friday, October 23, 2009

Time For a Giveaway (Something Free)

Be sure to read my update on my dad below. Things have been so somber on my blog lately that I thought it was time to do a giveaway. I don't make mine hard. You don't have to fill out twenty forms, write 30 posts, link this and that and perhaps MAYBE get an entry. No I just want some comments. You leave me a comment, you get an entry. If you want extra entries go ahead and tweet this, then link me to your tweet. Add me to your blog roll for another entry. Or if you want, grab my ad here and link it to my blog.

Take your pick. Do one, do all. Just tell me which you did in a comment and show me where I can find them because you know, I can't give credit it if you're not telling me the truth! haha

Now let's get to the point. What am I giving away? It's a digital photo album. These things are awesome. I have one at home and the hubby has one on his desk at work. These things make great gifts too. Let me just list what it says on the box.

EnVue Burnes Digital Photo Album
*Photo Manager for rotating, cropping and managing your photos
*SD/MMC card compatibility
*Rechargeable battery with up to 6-hour life
*AC adapter and USB cable included
*Removable tabletop easel included
*Compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista
*3.5" digital LCD screen
*Resolution: 320x240
*Brightness: 180cd/m2 Full White Pattern
*Contrast ratio: 220:1
*Internal memory holds up to 60 photos

It comes with a designer case as well. I have a couple of pics with it. If you have questions feel free to ask. Winner will be notified at the end of this contest which will be whenever I feel I have enough entries. Most likely 2 weeks. Good luck!


Dad of Divas said...

This is a great item...i take so many pictures that I would love to share with others... thanks for running this!

Dad of Divas said...

tweeted this @dadofdivas

mommaruth said...

Yay! I love giveaways :)

Anonymous said...

Well I have had you linked for a year r more so thats out!
I reckon I'll just comment, and I'll see if I can send some folks to enter on Sunday. Hows that?

Rachel Bender said...

Well heck, I read your blog, might as well enter your giveaway. :D This would be neat to have!

Ms. Marie said...

ooh this sounds like a fun giveaway. so, i think here are my entries.

1. commenting.
2. added you to my favorites list.
3. added your ad to my badge exchange list.

my badge exchange is here:
and the my blog is here:

thanks for such a cool giveaway!

pam said...

Cool giveaway, thanks!

DragonflyzDreams said...

I am so sorry for what your father is going though and I will pray for his fast recovery and for your family. My husband has been ill also recently and I have blogged about it on my ME blog. Maybe I should do a giveaway or something lighthearted also as you are doing! I am signed in here as my selling blog I just started yesterday and I am looking for a web-site to sell on.

My Me blog is http://ByLightOfMoon.blogspot
I did follow and twitter you here and will post on my blogs your link.

Many thanks for sharing your story! Smiles, Cyndi

TentCamper said...

Great give away!!

I twetted it -

I am commenting.

I added your badge here -

you are on both of my blogrolls - and

Now that is 5 entries...but since I named you a Hot Mama...that has to double everything...making 10!!!

jam said...

sage sent me over. i will send my good thoughts and prayers your way for your father. digital album sounds great.

Karsun said...

I'd love to win this one! Ours just broke recently. One of the twins (dogs, not kiddos) knocked it over.

hitesh rawat said...

Hi sandy,

first about your dad....i didn't want to comment on cause i have never been in this kind of situation and don't know how to react.... that's why i was not commenting on last few of your post.

hitesh rawat said...

Now regarding the Giveaway....i'm glad you are in good mood again.

1- I tweeted the give away

2-Added this and your main blog to my blog's blog roll on the main page.

3- added both of the blogs badge on my bolg's exchange badge list...main page.

hope to get more participants here......

Quadmama said...

If I were to win I don't know if I would keep this for myself or give it as a Christmas gift. Really much too cool to not keep for myself.

Goddess said...

This is really neat! I just got my first digital photo frame, and I'm loving it. The portability of this makes it waaaay cooler! I've never seen one before!

Anne said...

I tried to click on your 'vote' image link, but my internet is acting screwy. I will keep trying. I did notice, however, in the url that you're a Bender, too! =) I know, it's corny, but had to share anyway.

Jason said...

Giveaways, yeah!!
You've been on my Entrecard favorites for a while now.

roxxymetal said...

I love these Digital Photo Albums and they make great gifts! I visit your blogs all the time and just wanted to let you know that I've been voting for you everyday...too bad I can't vote more than once a day!!

roxxymetal said...

Just added you to my Blogroll and you're also on my Entrecard favorites list too!

Sandi said...

Thanks so much Roxy! I absolutely thank you so much for continuing to vote for me. Thank you thank you! I will check my blog roll. Not sure if I have added you yet. I will now for sure though. :)

madz said...

Here's my comment :D I hope this already qualified me. I also included you in my blog roll.

Just a question, is blogger from the Philippines included/qualified?


donna jo said...

Great giveaway item, I have been wanting one of those.

The Padrino Dot Com said...

Hey Nice little contest,I'm not sure I know your name but I do Like your site It's nice and simple.


The Padrino Dot Com

Oh I forgot to ask are you accepting sponsors for this give away?

DragonflyzDreams said...

I posted in my other blog name and now in my business blog name,
Love your curled up photo, I though you had announced a winner by mow, I would love the album. We have two new rescue cats I have many digital photos of, of course with our rescue golden retriever playing with them too!

Keep your nose in the books till your have your finals!

Smiles, Cyndi


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