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Monday, October 12, 2009

Our Night With Jeff Dunham and a Dad Update

We did have a good time. During a few jokes I thought of how dad would enjoy them and it made me sad. Dad is improving. It's truly a miracle. We aren't out of the woods but the breathing tube has come out and he has managed a few raspy words here and there. He has been waking up. The docs had him for dead a few days ago and though I am not letting go of my fears just yet I am strongly hoping that he'll come out of this. He is still in ICU right now but responding to commands and breathing on his own. Thanks so much for all your prayers. We still aren't sure about brain damage. I am told what speech he has managed is garbled. I am home with my kids who are not allowed in ICU so I can't get up there right now. It kills me! Regardless that is the update which I find to be my best EVER.

As for Jeff Dunham it was fun. Guitar Guy came out first and did a little bit. He was hilarious. The show started at 8 but Jeff did not arrive on stage until 9:00. You all who read my blog KNOW how much I love Jeff Dunham. I post his videos all the time. I love his act and find him hilarious so you'll know when I say this that I am saying the total truth. He sounded drunk. PLOWED. Wasted. When he came out initially before he started using the dummies he totally sounded annihilated. He had been backstage slamming a few back I think. He was talking so fast and very slurred but you know he came out of it quick. I am NOT saying anything against him. I have been there a few times myself though not onstage in an arena with thousands of people watching me. haha I was just a bit surprised. He got into the flow of his act and soon things were going good. He was as funny as usual and I had a really good time.

Before the show we went out to dinner at a Japanese Steakhouse where they cook up the food right there where you sit. I had a delicious Plum Wine. My dinner was Steak and Salmon. I had fried rice, vegetables and some mushroom broth type of soup. I liked it all. Enjoy the pics of my night and I'll link to some videos!

The Hubby's Beer

Our Table....Chopping Vegetables and Cooking Them

I couldn't catch one in my mouth for nothing.

My delicious plum wine!

My soup and salad...both yummy!

Not the greatest seats but not too bad either.


The Pink Blog said...

I'm happy for you that your Dad is somehow doing fine now. Praying for his quick recovery soon!

joy said...

hi!i'm happy to know that your done is doing better in the hospital. i hope your dad will recover fast.


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