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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Studying for Hours......From the WRONG Book!

Yes I have for the past month and a half been reading the wrong Psychology book. You see when school started I went to the very busy bookstore, not knowing what I needed. There are many workers who will come to you and offer assistance. When they saw my list they helped me pick out the required text books. I never thought once to question it! It is a Psychology book on the right subject, just not the right text.

Well my Psychology class is a Telecourse. I pretty much do the whole thing on my own and watch DVD's I check out from the school library. Then after about 4 to 5 chapters I go into the college and take a test. This is NOT easier because you have to have discipline and dedication to do the required homework assignments and tests all on your very own. I spent the entire day studying and making up note cards. I realized the keywords on my study guide were just NOT in the book. Only about a 1/10th of them were. I did not understand this but figured the teacher was just being tricky. She didn't want it to be too easy you know? Well about the time I decided to work on my essay that involved answering specific questions from the chapters the teacher listed I realized the title of the chapters did not match up. I thought NO way could this possibly be the wrong book. Well I slowly turned to the page on my class information to see the name and edition of the book for the first time. Yes I have looked many times at MY book just not at the words on the syllabus that says the name of a book I do NOT have.

I should have payed attention to it. I know. I didn't. I took it for granted and now I am out hours and hours of my life. I wrote about 50 note cards. I read 4 chapters. I am devastated but luckily have a nice teacher whom I contacted with my dilemma. The test was today! I have been studying the WRONG book! So she was very kind and said the bookstore has done this before. She wasn't upset with me and offered me an extra week! This means I have to go into the bookstore tomorrow, explain the situation, hope they'll take that book back and I can buy the new book, begin studying four chapters from scratch and get my assignment done all by next Tuesday. This is all on top of all my other classes of course.



Rocky Mountain Memoirs said...

Oh no! I started back to school in March and know that this has happened to other students in my classes. I try to make sure I have the right title and edition, but I know it is all so overwhelming when it's crowded and you're scrambling to get ready for the start of class. Nice that your teacher was understanding, but still frustrating to not be able to get all those hours of your life back.

I have not done the online classes, yet...may try one next semester.

Good luck on your test!

Jen said...

This is worse than the recurring dream I have about college and not going to the class and not being prepared for the final and being too late to drop the course. Good luck getting it all worked out and thank goodness you have an understanding teacher.

hitesh rawat said...

that was really nice of your teacher......i did it once....not the same story......

situation was.....i was reading the wrong subject....for the final semester it was networks tomorrow but i was reading algorithms......when i knew i messed up about some 16 hours before my examz.....i was dead....couldn't feel anything for 2-3 mins......

then i isolated my self in the room and told my food no disturbance.....and studied the whole nite out......luckily i passes the exam.....



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