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Sunday, October 25, 2009

I Still Need Votes and a Day of Studying

It's kind of a lazy day too. I did some homework and read a little but I am not into it at all. I need to focus.

My daughter Gabbi is really talking a lot these days. I have taught her to hold up two fingers and say two. I love it when asked how old they are little kids do that. So I thought better teach her now before she is 2. She absorbs everything like a sponge. I taught her in a few seconds. She says 2 and holds up two fingers on each hand. So I went a step further and taught her it was also 1+1. So now if you ask Gabbi what is 1+1 she holds up two fingers and yells "TWO!"

What a genius baby.

Also please vote for me. This is totally based off popular vote so it's completely possible. The problem is the chick in the first place slot has like over 3000 votes. I have about 249. I have a ways to go. Still, that is a lot of votes and I have you all to thank. Thank you so much!!!

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