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Saturday, October 10, 2009

I Try Not to Think It's Been a Bad Year

First the update on my dad. They got the very final results of the Lumbar and guess what? Now they are saying it's not meningitis even though they were so positive it was. They even treated all of us who had contact with him with an antibiotic. Now we have NO idea what's wrong with my dad other than he is intubated now, unconscious all of the time and not responsive for the most part. He opened his eyes for a couple of seconds yesterday when the nurse moved him. He looked at her....then went back out. I am holding on to any morsel of hope I can find. I hope he pulls out of this. We don't know what has gotten him so sick!

He started with stomach cramps months ago....had gallbladder surgery, stent surgery after he turned yellow with jaundice. More stomach aches, no real answers. His blood sugar went up. He had TONS of tests that did not reveal any cancer. Doc thought it was pancreatic but nothing has been able to show it. So what is this? Why is my dad in a hospital bed unconscious? This is frustrating because we do not know what's wrong. He just got sick. Docs couldn't make him better. The next thing we know he is practically (though not literally) in a coma.

I want my dad to get better so bad. I cry all the time. I try not to when I see him. The first times I couldn't help it. I'll be seeing him tonight for a while before the hubby and I make our trip to see Jeff Dunham. I had been so excited about that. I bought tickets for our anniversary. We bought them awhile ago....and I decided we should still go. Perhaps it can cheer me up a bit.

Thanks to all who have come over to my blog and shown some love. I appreciate it. It's warmed my heart to know others care seriously. This has been a sucky, shitty piece of crap year and though I know some would say don't feel that way I can honestly say if I sat you down and told you all the shit that has occurred in my life you'd whole heartily agree.


Anonymous said...

I can agree that this has also been my most challenging year ever. I can only imagine the frustration for your family and the un-answered questions for why your father is sick. I will keep you in my thoughts and hope for the best for your family.

Split Rock Ranch said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad and am praying for him and the whole family. You're in my thoughts and prayers. Also sorry its been such a sucky year! Hope things get better soon. Big hugs and many blessings.

chocdrop said...

I still have you in my thoughts. If you need to vent or email...just do it I am here.

Amber said...

awww, my heart goes out to you hon. I can't imagine how frustrating it must be to put faith in people who you're supposed to trust automatically, but still can't seem to figure out the problem.
Praying they'll find an answer, and that your father will heal quickly!

Anonymous said...

Well girl, I swear I could have written this. its de ja vu all over again for sure. That sounds EXACTLY like what we went through with my Dad. Scary similar.

Well we are still pulling for him and for all y'all.

Have fun tonight.

Angel said...

I'm so sorry about your dad. I pray that he pulls out of this soon. Sending so much love and hugs!

KAT said...

I agree about this year being bad, it seems like for a lot of us it sucks.
But for you, this is especially trying. Stay strong for your Dad, and I am hoping for the best for him!

Take care,

Middle Aged Woman Blogging said...

Prayers sent your way and your father's way. This has to be hard for all concerned. Hugs to you and yours.

Lynne said...

I do hope you were able to enjoy Jeff Dunham and enjoy the celebration of your anniversary. We are all praying for your dad and for the doctors who are treating him, that they can find the cause and get him on the road to recovery.


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