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Monday, October 5, 2009

School....Eye Doctor and A Little Old Lady

I had class today which ended up being interesting due to being locked out. For details on that go to my other blog here Pregnant With Cancer. I just hate writing the same story twice. haha You'll rarely get the same stuff on both of my blogs. However the situation does contribute to how my day has been going. I got into that class late due to no fault of my own. We got a late start period. After that class I had an eye doctor's appointment.

I had my checkup, got my new contacts and love them. They are so far not showing to dry my eyes out so much. Regardless while in the waiting room there was a little old lady who kept oohing and ahhing at Gabbi. She was quite old I could tell and she walked with a cane.

I finished up my appointment and as I was paying the little old lady left. When she got outside she fell. Yes the poor woman hit the pavement and injured herself. She was with her caregiver which may have been a daughter I assume. She called an ambulance. The old lady was crying with her hand over her face. I felt so horrible! I could do nothing to help and the caregiver called an ambulance. I left because I was parked right beside her and needed to make room for the ambulance that I could soon hear in the distance.

I have come to realize this is how my day tends to go. That bridge I showed pictures of with so much traffic a few months back had a fatal crash on it a few hours after I drove over it. I am glad that I avoided that situation. On my way to school today I saw in the middle of town chunks of a deer smeared for about 50 feet on the road. There was no way to avoid the chunks of deer and seriously no nicer way to put this. There was a leg sticking out of the remnants of a thigh but not much else and tons of blood. Ugh. It was a truly disgusting site and no way to avoid it. You had to drive through this disgusting bloody smear. Anyway that was my day. It's only 2:46.

How was your day?



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