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Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Birthday

My birthday is in 2 days. I am going out on New Year's Eve to celebrate my birthday that night along with New Years. Having your birthday between Christmas and New Years really kinda sucks. I hate to say it. It does. No one has money for the first thing. So you usually get no presents until well into January and February when it no longer even feels like your birthday. No one wants to go out and party on your birthday because New Year's Eve is just a couple of days away. No one wants to do a major celebration twice in a few days time. So my birthday is often kinda blah. The hubby has done a good job of helping me to have a good time in the past couple of years. Last year was nothing special. I was still sick, going through radiation (see my other blog if you want details) so I didn't go out or anything. This year though I am going out. I am going to have a great time celebrating this birthday. I really earned this one. I am so anxious!!!


Erik said...

Have a blast. Next year, maybe you could try doing what we have to do for my wife and myself as our birthdays both fall right next to big holidays...We pick a date and assign it as our birthday.

Those really close will acknowledge you on your special day and celebrate with you on your chosen.

Much love, peace and joy,

Happy Birthday.

BK said...

Hope that you have a great time celebrating your birthday on New Year's Eve.

Stephenie K. said...

I know exactly what you mean. Yesterday was my birthday. I got two empty cards (I take that back, one did have a $2 lottery ticket inside) and a candle. This year I did get a birthday cake though.....and then when we went out for dinner the dogs ate it, so no cake after all. This really is the worst time of year to have a birthday. I hope you have a fantastic day though. Happy Early Birthday!!!

Roy said...

just dropping my card when I read about your birthday...

Happy Birthday!

you're right about the date of your birthday, post-Christmas and pre-new year. most people don't have money...

but have a happy birthday anyway ;)


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