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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Just a Great Big Ball of Happiness Lately hmm?

I read my blog posts recently on here and the other and ugh. I can tell I've had a bad week. Hopefully things will look better from here on out. Really I am a very optimistic person despite trials I have had to endure throughout life. I swear I could write the most depressing country song EVER. I try not to dwell or it will eat me alive. I think it's the reason I like blogging so much. It's a great outlet. I am trying to get things done today. The snow has pretty much frozen to the ground. Well, it warms up during the day, melts a bit and at night turns into a regular ice skating rink. I am a little bit of a klutz so I have to be extra careful.

I finally bought myself a pair of shoes this week. I went to Burlington Coat Factory. They have great shoes. I seriously drool over the hot stilettos and boots. I love love love sexy boots. I love heels. I am a shorty so I love getting a little extra height. I needed something to wear for winter. I never really wear tennis shoes. I am much more of a sandal girl but the snow forced me to get something warmer. I got picked on a couple of times for wearing my pink Victoria's Secret flip flops when it was cold outside...but no snow of course. I looked at all the shoes in the adult section at Burlington but none I liked had my size so I ended up looking in the kids section. I can conveniently wear a size 4 in kids. So I bought a cute pair of Sketchers. Now I am officially styling. If the snow gets too deep I'll dig out my cute boots.

Who knew I could do a whole paragraph on shoes.



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