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Friday, December 5, 2008

I Must Have a Sign On My Forehead

Do you ever feel like you are targeted? I have so been feeling that lately. I don't want to make this a therapy session and start going into all the things I have endured in a lifetime. Not all bad, but certainly not all good. It's just odd because it's like frequently strange things. I think maybe we all feel that way. Do you ever say "I should write a book!" haha I actually am. I need to get cracking though because I started it and haven't went further.

My point? Well, combined with the things you read on my other blog I have just had many things happen. I was kind of stressed out yesterday. I left my house to pick up my kids from school. Now, we live in a fairly small area. It's not really a high crime area. Kids are pretty good here. I like it. So, when I was pulling out of the gradeschool parking lot and saw two young boys around maybe 14 packing snowballs I didn't really think much of it until one of them stared at me coming. I just thought to way. way. It's already been a stressful day. So when I drove by and heard the deafening thud on the side of my car I knew he had indeed pelted me with a hard packed snowball. That kid picked on the wrong woman though because I immediately picked up my cell phone and called the police. He's lucky I didn't stop my car and go kick his little butt though.


Anonymous said...

wheww I'm glad it wasn't me pitching snow balls...:)))


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