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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I Promised Pictures!

I took just a few pics of my birthday yesterday. I took a couple before I left the house and one when we went out. I had a really good birthday. I was good and spoiled. I ate at a Japanese Steakhouse. It was amazing! My hubby made me a birthday cake. It was so sweet. Enjoy the pics!


Stanley! said...

Hooray! You both look very happy.

I love Japanese Steakhouses because they make the most boring part of waiting for your food into an exciting production that's fun to watch.

Did they do that thing where they dump the oil on the grill and it flares up into a huge bonfire?

Lisa said...

Hey Sandi, I just started my second blog. Please check it out This one is more about me and my life, but will still promote animal adoptions from time to time. I hope you enjoy and will follow this blog too.

Take care~

Sandi said...

Stanley they did do that! It was very cool too. I loved it all. :)

Sandi said...

I'll check it out Lisa :)


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