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Monday, December 15, 2008

Finally Got Out

The past few weeks have been pretty much awful ones for me. Very few weeks, or days of my life really can compare in well, how much they stunk. I needed to get away. Sometimes I just think of those Calgon commercials and wish it could come true! It's a whole lot of things but basically everything just mounted up until my head was ready to explode. I'm an optimistic person. I really am. I try to always find the good in people and I try to hope for the best in all things. I am a cup half full type person. The last few weeks have tested that belief strongly but I'm hoping I am coming out of it still with my optimism in tact. I mean, even if I am wrong in hoping, living a life without hope is just a waste in my opinion. I'd rather hope in vain than to not hope at all. Well, I think so anyway.

I went and watched a few local bands this past weekend. My brother in law is in the band and I just love them. I had a good time. Still hubby and I cut out early and went to get something to eat. I had a Pecan Pie Cappuccino and let me tell you fellow sweet toothers, it was awesome!!! I finished it and before I even had my food I was feeling extremely stuffed. Then she put another one down in front of me! Free refills. I think I exploded at just the site. I ate maybe 3 or 5 bites of my sandwich, a few fries and was near bursting so I stopped. It was fun and nice to get away with the hubby though because we certainly do need it on occasion!


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