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Friday, November 21, 2008

Ugh Christmas!

I love Christmas ok. I always did. I always thought it was such a perfect holiday. I still do as far as the feeling of giving and opening your heart to others. Really though how much of that is there? I guess I have become just a little negative about the fact that if Christmas is such a time of giving how come people go into a store on Black Friday and fight over that last special toy their kid just HAS to have? Why do we yell and scream waiting in the checkout line when clearly we chose to go out shopping on this day and um, we all know the lines are terribly long on that day! Get over it really. Before I got married I worked at a department store. I worked the register and I was fast. I was good. I did my job and even trained others. Still on Black Friday the lines were just trailing from one end of the store to the other. You can only go so fast and let's face it, not every transaction will be perfect. There will be the occasional problem right? I could hear people in line insulting me. I could hear people being rude about the long wait. What do you expect? I'd like to know. It's been many many years since that day. I just feel the spirit of Christmas is lost in all the money spending and shopping. I just want to sit back with a cup of hot chocolate, a good book and no money worries!!


Lorelai said...

I agree completely with you on this. I think I even wrote a post last week about it. I would give anything to just have a Christmas with my kids, friends, & family and just have a wonderful dinner and then have a day of board games or cards.

Sandi said...

oh that sounds so wonderful :)


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