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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving In America

Now, I am born and raised American. I haven't so much as flown in an airplane...stepped on foreign soil, nothing. I am your typical Midwest person. I don't even know how old I was until it dawned on me that just because WE are having Thanksgiving, it doesn't mean everyone does. I love how kids grow up and these things start to dawn on them.

Yes, it's Thanksgiving on Thursday. I'll be having family over. I am going to make a turkey. I'll make stuffing and this yummy looking double layer pumpkin pie. I am no chef but I can cook. I can follow a recipe pretty well. I tend to read ahead though. I have to stop myself. I am looking forward to left overs as well. There is nothing quite like some left over turkey.

Speaking of turkeys...I saw that video of Sara Palin pardoning a turkey while one was being slaughtered right behind her. Come on. Even if SHE didn't see this didn't the reporter? Didn't the camera man for crying out loud? Didn't THEY think about how stupid that would look? Ugh. I wanted to puke. How stupid. Stupid on the part of all of those involved. I mean, no one wants to see that. That guy in the back looked so dumb stuffing that turkey's head into some machine while he smiled into the camera. I'd like to think they all knew better. I mean, come on. Anyway if you have not seen this video and do not want to witness the suffering of a poor turkey, well don't watch it. I eat meat. I am not a vegetarian but even I felt sorry for that poor turkey!!!


Lorelai said...

I haven't seen this video and Lord did this lady need any worse publicity?

Tammy W said...

cool,new blog! Jeesh lots of ads.

Dave said...

You left out one comment Sarah made while the machine was whiring away. She said she was having "fun" there.
To think I used to criticize Hillary.


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