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Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas Shopping? Bah!

Yes, I have done NO Christmas shopping yet. I guess I've been waiting for a paycheck that didn't vanish before it was actually deposited into my account. Seriously I have automatic bill payments setup and more often than not there is nothing left before it really is even in there. It's not good. I need to buy Christmas presents. My kids will be the only ones enjoying gifts this year from me. That alone will be difficult. This year is a tough one for all. The economic crisis is affecting this holiday hard I'm thinking. I know everyone I have talked to is wondering how they'll buy presents and admitting it will be a much smaller Christmas than usual. I have done pretty much all I can do to raise money for gifts. I am at a loss as to what else I can do. I comfort myself in knowing everyone is having the same issues. I am not alone in this and at least I know that the hubby's job is secure.

I had been going back to college in 2005 to 2007. I am pursuing a degree in Nursing. I am really excited about it. After I got sick (refer to my other blog) I had to take a break. I couldn't do anything for at least a year. I want to finish my two prerequisites online. I think I can handle a little algebra and psychology online. I actually love the classroom setting but I don't want to leave the little one too soon. I need to send in my application to this college of nursing that's local. It costs me $50 to just send in the app. Not to mention I need transcripts from TWO separate colleges I attended. Last time I had to pay like $5.00 to get those. Grrrr. They also made me come in and sign for it at one school. I can't have that happen again. I am 2 hours away from one college now. It's all such a pain and if I get in? It's for the fall of 2010. I have to get the application in before February. I should get moving on that.



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