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Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Is Over, Christmas Here We Come!

So finally Thanksgiving has come and gone. I did not go to ONE sale today. I was tempted with all the wonderful ads on TV for things on sale. Honestly cash flow is nonexistent for me though. Our money is gone as soon as it gets here. Gone on bills and groceries and gas. I want some extra but it's just not happening. If I hadn't gone and gotten so sick for a year I'd be working already or at least close to done with clinicals. Instead I put my application in for my college of nursing and get to BEGIN in fall of 2010. I have decided I still want to pursue that career but I need to get a job in the mean time. The trouble is, who takes the kids to school? Who picks them up? Who watches the baby? How does THAT get paid for and will it be worth it? I won't earn a paycheck only to have it entirely forked over to a babysitter and for gas in my car to GET to the job in the first place. It seems pretty pointless.

Before kids I worked for a local newspaper. Ahhhh those were the days. haha I typed up the stories. I put them together. Back in those days we had these large boards we would tape the little sections down on, rearrange, etc. Then my boss would take it over to the printers to be printed. I edited the paper and even had my own history story I did weekly. Seeing my name in print under a story was such a wonderful feeling. I gave it all up to be a mom and frankly I miss it. I want to work. Luckily I'm good with computers. I just finished taking a college course too that involved all of Microsoft Office. Excel and spreadsheets, blah blah. It may not be super exciting but I can do it. That is what counts. I am anxious to get back out there but so many other factors do have to be considered.

I'll leave you with a really funny typo from my newspaper days. It *almost* made it into the paper but was caught in time thank god. We were doing a story that involved the phrase "busy women". Unfortunately it was typed out "busty women". Yes....we were all laughing pretty hard because that came VERY close to going to print.



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