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Friday, November 21, 2008

Birthdays and Holidays

Not only is it coming up on Christmas and New Years but my birthday as well. I never really cared for having a "Christmas Birthday". The main issue with it being everyone is broke and no one really cares. I am old enough now I suppose it shouldn't bother me. Still, as a child I used to get Christmas cards that said happy birthday in them. I would get a tin of those Christmas cookies that said "Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas." Oh and of course getting all my gifts wrapped in Santa paper. I know those who do not have a birthday on or near a holiday really wouldn't understand. Let's say though you have a birthday in July. How appropriate would it be for me to wrap your gift in Santa paper? Would you find that odd? Would you think I was cheap because I didn't bother to go out and buy a little roll of birthday paper? Those with December birthdays really feel no different. My birthday is December 29th. I do not even ask for or expect gifts. I just remember how awful I felt as a child. I promised if I had a kid whose birthday coincided with a holiday I would be sure to separate them somehow. It's important to a kid and honestly still slightly annoying as an adult. After all, they are different events. They are not the same celebration. It's not too hard to show you care by just wrapping it in some birthday paper.


Arie Wijaya said...

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Lorelai said...

Oh Wow! Do you have a Christmas birthday too?? Mine is the 26th. As a child my Mom and Grams did really well with separating it and since I am an only child it was great, but as an adult I really hate it, most always it is forgotten completely unless I bring it up and I am not the type of person to do that. **sigh**

Maybe we should celebrate together ;-)

Sandi said...

Lorelai I am on the 29th. :) Yours is worse even than mine! haha But mine is right between christmas and New Years. No one wants to party for my birthday because they are usually going out for New Years. It stink. Yeah, come on over. We'll celebrate. haha


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