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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Saturday and a Funeral

It's kinda depressing but a good friend of the family passed away last week. He was older but a good friend. Him and his wife found my wedding dress for me YEARS ago. They came across this vintage gown and I loved it. I knew it was for me and it fit perfectly. What are the chances of that?? haha They also gave us their washer and dryer set TWICE over the years. I have loved them and now he has passed on, in his 80's but he will be missed.

I am not able to attend the funeral since we have no babysitter today. Seems this kind of thing happens all too often. I need a regular babysiter I am thinking instead of just my mother. It's hard when you have so many rugrats.

Now onto happier thoughts. My brother in law has a gig tonight and I want to go. I am in desperate need of going out and letting off some steam. It's been a downright awful week. I want to go out and forget everything. I just need it. My mother is at a wedding 2 hours away. I am praying and hoping that she'll get back by 9 or even 10. haha I am not picky. I just want to go out. Cross your fingers for me!!!


Anonymous said...

fingers are crossed..:)


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