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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Last Minute Turkey

Well I need to go out and get some groceries tonight for Thanksgiving. Nope I haven't gotten a thing. I just haven't had any cash. It sucks pretty much living paycheck to paycheck but at least the bills are paid. Well, the ones that count. haha I have more medical bills than I'll ever realistically be able to pay. I try though.

Anyway I want to cook a turkey and I realized it takes like 2 to 3 days to thaw out a turkey and I haven't even bought one yet. Perhaps the microwave can help? Any chefs have some tips for me buying a last minute turkey?

I am not sure what I'm doing today but I'm considering taking a break from both blogs. I have been working really hard and since tomorrow is a holiday. Why not? Who is going out and braving Black Friday? *insert creepy horror movie music*

Good luck to those who are doing it!!!


Enchie said...

Happy Thanksgiving To You!


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