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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Busy Day

Had two wisdom teeth pulled today. I put the whole story on my other blog if you are interested. (Pregnant With Cancer) I am in pain. I think I'll survive. However I'm pretty hungry and not sure what I can really eat without a lot of pain. I had some chocolate pudding...but I'm still pretty hungry.

I have actually been working out a lot the past two weeks. I decided my butt and thighs need some firming up. I am not a big person...on the contrary, my usual weight is between 102-105. I however noticed my thighs and butt just didn't have that firmness to them I used to see. So I have been doing Pilates and running on my treadmill every night. I already seen an improvement.

I miss it but haven't had a lot of time with school to work out. I am sure I need to keep it in my schedule no matter how jam packed it may be. I am not getting any younger and it takes work to keep my body tone!!! I'm skipping Pilates tonight though due to extreme mouth pain. The treadmill however will be seeing me in a few.


bingkee said...

Try some rice porridge....rice easily satiates the appetite. Mix the rice porridge with some scallions, ginger, and ground beef.

The Constant Complainer said...

Feel better. Getting wisdom teeth yanked is painful. I remember I had mine done and had tickets to the symphony that night. Needless to say, I felt absolutely terrible and to this day, don't know why I didn't stay home that night. LOL.

Star said...

I hope you feel better! I remember getting my wisdom teeth out and I hated it. I spent more time spitting up blood than dealing with the discomfort. I added both of your blogs to my blogroll. If you could add me to yours I'd appreciate it. :) The link is

Maryanne said...

I really, really hope you feel better! I've only had one wisdom tooth pulled and that was annoying as it was. I bought some Ensure drinks and they worked OK to keep the hunger away. It should be over soon though. Keep hanging in there!

I love your blog and am following you now to keep up with you. :) Take care!

Sandi said...

adding you to my blogroll star!


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