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Monday, January 16, 2012

Laryngitis Sucks!

I lose my voice at least 6 times a year. That's a guestimate. I do lose it a lot though. This past weekend has been no exception to that rule. I lost it again. This time it has been worse than any other time. My daughter Lexi lost her voice first. She had a cold, etc. The whole thing. I told her to keep her germs away from me, but it didn't work. I got them. I of course have to endlessly tease her about this! You would think out of all the time I have spent in the hospital I would have an immune system made of steel but no. I have been sick and though today I do have somewhat more of a voice it's still laughable. I can't talk well and it hurts to cough. I guess it's that time of year folks.

I did enjoy my weekend however. Yesterday I was spoiled with chicken noodle soup and a day in bed. It cannot last forever though. Laundry is calling my name today. Boy how I wish it would forget my  name!



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