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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


You know what I hate? I hate it when we're out at a really nice restaurant (or hell Burger King for that matter) and my hubby's phone rings and he answers the call. See, my husband works at a factory. It's loud there. I only assume it's why he's always really loud when he answers that phone. I think everyone in the restaurant knows the status of the plant any time he gets a call. I get embarrassed, but nothing I can do. He's the site manager and so the phone rings and I plead for him to NOT answer or leave and call back but no dice. He answers and it's LOUD and annoying.

I hate it when other people do this so it's only fair that I hate it when my hubby does this. Here's to hoping he doesn't read my blog today!!! :)


j. said...

Yes! I cant stand loud cell phone conversations in public places

Robert Bourne said...

I hate it as well.. especially in restaurants..I turn mine off..that's why they have voice mail...I realize some people need to be connected because of work etc.. but it still grates on my nerves

meadowly said...

That's so annoying.Back in my native place we have people answering their mobile phone calls, while travelling by public transport.So every Tom,Dick and Harry travelling in it gets to know what he's talking and to whom he's talking from a very close range.. ..

Sandi said...

So glad to see everyone seems to feel the same way I do! I do not care to know what your conversations are. If you are being really loud it's hard not to listen but I really do not need to hear the personal details of your phone call. It's just so obnoxious!

Sandee said...

I hate it too. Some people do it on purpose so they can feel important. I find them very annoying. I'm with you. Cell phones should be turned off inside restaurants.

Have a terrific day. :)

EINz said...

same thing here. it also annoys me! better yet he go outside or move away when he answer the call because it was really embarrassing and makes other people give you a disgusted look.

Petula Wright said...

Loud cell phone conversations are a big no-no. Now - and let's whisper here - do we think your sweet hubby may get a little puffy chest to know others know he's really important and they have to call him for direction. IJS, you know how men can be. Okay, now, in my regular voice, I hope he starts deciding to return calls outside or at least answer and says hold on a sec.

Sandi said...

lol truthfully these phone calls happen all the time day or night constantly. He is the site manager for a big time factory and let's just say if a machine so much as makes the wrong noise they are calling him. It gets really annoying. He has to take these calls but yes I wish he would go outside. He will then make other calls to get the right people on the it doesn't even stop at one call. He is just oblivious to the fact that it bothers people. I have tried to tell him.

Sandi said...

this morning on a Saturday he got a call at like 5:30 a.m. He gets them at midnight, 1 a.m. always about machines down, etc and getting them fixed. Down machine = loss of cash. But I ask him, is he super human? Can one man NEVER sleep? Seriously? lol It is very annoying. I guess they'll be hiring some supervisors soon to take up some of the slack but I hate it the way it is now.


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