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Friday, January 9, 2009

Website Loading Times

So this has been of some concern to me lately. I see myself leaving other blogs that take a long time to load. It can be tempting to add widget after widget but you really shouldn't. Keep photos small. I try but I think sometimes it feels like my page still takes too long. Not so much this particular blog as my other one. So, I am asking for some opinions here. Do you think this blog takes too long to load? And go here: Pregnant With Cancer and let me know what you think of the loading time there. I removed a lot of stuff and am trying to archive more frequently. I just want to make sure it doesn't lock up computers or take an eternity to load as that is one of my OWN pet peeves. Constructive criticism appreciated by the way. ;)


Anonymous said...

I have never had that problem with yours's one of my pet peeves as well..:) said...

If a site takes too long to load, I click out.

Whenever I visit your blog, I never have that problem.

Da Old Man said...

They both loaded very quickly. I also hate those sites that take forever to load. If I see the name pop up again, I won't even go to the site.

Paotie said...

No problems loading at either sites.

I agree: too many people put too many widgets on their sites/blogs.

Good stuffs at this blog.


Dave said...

I know what you're saying about some sites and blogs taking forever to load. Haven't had a problem with yours.

Mizé said...

I visit your blogs and I don´t think they´re heavy loads.
This blog loads faster than your other blog, the widgets and pictures count a lot.
Good weekend!

Mizé said...

Ah, by the way, thanks for returning my drops, sometimes I don´t have time to return drops in all blogs I have.

skully08 said...

nope not all, keep up the good blogs

skully08 said...

nope not at all, keep up the good blogs and what not

Dolly's Diary said...

I agree with everyone else, your sites are fine. I also can't stand it when people put so much stuff on their blogs and it takes forever to load. I try to keep my site without alot of adds and labels and other things.
Take Care,
Janet :)

Alan said...

It loads fast this one, your other site is fast now too, but used to be really slow.

I think the less widgets the better.

When you are getting on the twitter bandwagon, all the good bloggers are there. I really think you will like it.

Lover Boy and Girl said...

Hello there,

Your blogs are doing good on my pc and connection. So far so good.

Thank you for giving us inspirational posts.

Take care!


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