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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Another Winter Birthday!

Today is my father in law's birthday. I am in North Carolina still of course. I am about to shower up and get ready for the day. I have procrastinated a bit. I am just relaxing but that is ok. That's what you are supposed to do on a vacation! We are heading out to a favorite Mexican restaurant of theirs tonight. This is good because I love Mexican food!! Real stuff too...not just the Americanized stuff. I had a dear friend in high school whose mother made some seriously good Mexican food. She passed away in a car accident (my friend) at the tender age of 16 only months after getting her license. I still miss her today...but will never forget the good food her family always prepared. She had such a huge family! Now her sister is my aunt! She married my dad's youngest brother. I think it's special in a way since I lost a good friend and gained an aunt only a couple of years later. I went to school with the woman who is now my aunt. She is just a year or two older than me. She graduated high school with my hubby actually! It's a small world. :)

I am sitting here thinking of really how very interesting my life is. I have led a life with many twists and turns. I no longer just expect things to go normally because really, there is no such thing. I have become strong because of all the twists and turns. Maybe I'll go into those another day. In the mean time I'm going to go make myself look drop dead gorgeous to go out tonight!


Barry said...

Well enjoy the Mexican food!

Something tells me it doesn't take much work for you to look drop dead gorgeous :)

Sandi said...

Well thank you Barry!! :) And the Mexican food was pretty awesome.


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