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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Christmas Party

I got all dressed up last night for a work Christmas party. I bought a new dress since it's a formal type of event and had a great time. After the party I sent my sister a text and ended up at a nice bar where I sat in my evening gown (talk about out of place) and my husband in his nice suit minus the tie and had a couple of drinks. I love hanging out with my sister. We always have a really good time. They had a live band that consisted of two guitar players/singers. They were pretty good! It was a really nice evening. A man at my husband's Christmas party grabbed my hand as I walked past and thinking he wanted to introduce himself to me, as many do since most know my husband, I said hello and then he asked if I was with someone. I just smiled and said "Yes, my husband." haha Hey, there was no harm done and it made me feel good so I am certainly not complaining. Anyway, my husband happens to work with Jerry Lisenby. You may have heard the name before. If you are a fan of The Biggest Loser he was on last year's season. He was at the time the oldest contestant. He was on the blue team. Yeah my hubby used to be his boss but now Jerry is working at a different site or something. Jerry came up and talked to us. He really is a happy, outgoing wild guy. Perfect for that show I think!! He's kept off the weight too! I am including a couple of pics of me in my dress from last night.


MharMS said...

Sure does you look so stunning. I like the color of your dress :)


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