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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Vacations and Trivial Pursuit

When I knew we would be on the road for so many hours I decided to use my iTunes gift cards that I got from the hubby for my birthday and Christmas. I downloaded some games including Trivial Pursuit. I sometimes get aggravated at those games. Some questions are completely impossible, while some are downright laughable. The hubby kept getting questions that are easy for him including video game related questions and car relation questions. There was a question about the gauge on a car that tracks the RPM. This is elementary to him. I think I would have gotten it, but not instantly.

There are others that are easy for me. I am awesome at the Science and Nature category. I didn't know if I would be, but they seem to ask a lot of questions that I find simple. Or it was just something I recently learned in my college courses...of which most are science related! Then of course there is Arts and Literature. I love to read, and I am somewhat of an artist. Both on paper and musically so I find some of that easy. They asked where Anne Frank wrote her diary. That was a trick question since it was NOT where she was born. Perhaps I could take one difficult question every now and again and throw it out here on my blog...see who gets it right! haha

Anyway I am enjoying my vacation. I have really gotten to know this area now. I love the mountains. I love the ocean but that's a few hours away still. We thought about taking a drive to look. I would so love that. Maybe the hubby and I could take a little stroll along the beach. :)


Heinous said...

The ocean is always worth a few hour drive.

Duane said...

Sounds like you're having a wonderful time. Take lots of pictures!


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