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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Snow, Rain, Tornado Warnings and More Snow

Yes, the weather has been odd this winter. I am not sure what to think. Some days it's so cold and windy it's hard to even step outside. Then there were days when it was warmer. You think you'd be thankful for those days. Well, it's a mixed blessing really. When you go from really cold to nice and warm you get tornadoes. We had a tornado warning about a week or two ago. I can't remember specifically. We had all that snow and tons of ice then it rained and rained. It warmed up to around 50. (Illinois, in December...50 degrees) After that it was just the perfect mix for some tornadoes. I called my parents so they would be aware. Really you do not expect it in December but hey, it can happen. I honestly LOVE strange weather. I admit it. I am a storm junky. If I could sit outside and watch a tornado I would. I have yet to see one. I came close once.

When I was about 5 my parents had some friends over. They had a little girl. We all fell asleep while the parents played cards. The next thing I knew I was being yanked from bed. We lived in a home with no basement so our only alternative was to seek shelter in a local church. This meant going out in the storm. I really am not sure if it was the best plan but anyway, as my mother was putting on our coats a tree branch came crashing through the living room window. I had 2 sisters and the friend there so we were all good and scared at this point. My dad picked me up and out we went. I remember squeezing him to death but thinking maybe I'd like to see it. It was late. I looked up and saw nothing but pitch black. We got to the church and spent the rest of the night in the basement there. The next morning we came out and saw the damage to the town. Downed trees and really mostly minor damage. It was awesome though. I have other experiences but as a child that was my most exciting. I think I'll stay warm and snug in my basement watching TV during the next storm. :)



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