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Friday, February 12, 2010


Too much school. Too many classes. Too much homework. Too much reading. Too much studying. TOO MUCH! I am a little studied out do you think? I have learned a lot though. I love learning. I love hands on stuff but I hate that it takes away from my personal time.

So my sister called and asked me to have a party tomorrow. So you know what? I am! Food, drinks, friends and fun tomorrow night. I can't wait. I will be singing a little karaoke. I'll put up some pics.

Until then, check out the new do! I got my hair done.


Anonymous said...

when the page came up and all I could see was YUCK! and the top pic I was like WTH? Yuck? Is she on crack! then I read.

Well you went and got ur hair did and it looks wonderful!

Glad learning is going good! Have fun at the party!!

Hey why I never get invited to the dang parties? Sheeeeesh. A bunch of hot chicks, food, drinks and karaoke?!?!? Sounds like my kinda place!

Sigh, left out again.

Hope alls well!

Stanis said...

looking as lovely as ever, hair done or undone! lol! have fun!

Dorothy Rimson said...

Hey you looking chick babe..

SLColman said...

Everyone needs a little break from all the studying every now and again! Hope you had fun!

The Constant Complainer said...
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Philip said...
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