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Saturday, February 27, 2010


I am watching the news right now, wondering if Hawaii is going to get hit like they predicted. It's not looking like it. That's a relief. Hope it stays that way.

It's crazy that there was an 8.8 magnitude earthquake in Chile not long after the one that hit Haiti. It's crazy out there lately. There was actually a minor one right here in Illinois in the past two weeks. I did not feel it however one friend said she did in the middle of the night. I have felt it before. There was one in 2004 or 2005. I forget now but it was a few years ago. You do NOT expect that sort of thing around here. I was just starting to fall asleep and felt some vibrations. I woke up and noticed all the windows were rattling....everything was. I thought a big truck was going by and then thought it was lasting too long for a truck for one, and two, a truck wouldn't cause all the windows to shake. I walked from room to room and noticed all the rattling, confused still sleepy then it stopped. I went back to bed. The next day they said it was an earthquake.

It's creepy to think there could be an earthquake in Illinois. You do not growing up fearing those here. Tornadoes yes. We are ready for those but not an earthquake.

Well, back to the news!


hitesh rawat said...

i heard the news the prime time news they were telling that officials are trying to evacuate Hawaii cause of Earthquake in Chile.....that's too bad...i hope Tsunami is just a threat.....we suffered a lot since last took a lot of time to recover.....

Melissa said...

We watched it too, and were relieved to see it was not as bad as they thought it might be. A new Science that is very unpredictable for sure.

Emily said...

Oh no! It reminds me in our place the news tell us that in the Philippines we are affected of tsunami it serve as our awareness and Thank G_d no Tsunami appear.... because of the convergence zone.
If it will have many of our country men will suffer. Thanks for sharing this article to us. More power to your site! G_d bless :-)

The Constant Complainer said...

It is absolutely terrifying to think of tsunami waves coming in and people being helpless to do anything. I normally don't watch the news, but admittedly, was glued to the boob-tube that night too.

Sandi, you need to take a venture over to The CC. It has been WAY too long since you've visited. We have rants going on, as always, and hope you'll stop by sometime soon.

Take care and good luck with your studies.


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