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Monday, September 12, 2011


I said this blog was about everything. Nothing is off limits here which is the point of this blog. I was thinking recently when talking to a guy I know. His name is Kevin. We were talking about the different kinds of fetishes out there. This guy loves to be humiliated. He likes to be called names and put down. He even wants to smell socks and, get this, use them as a pillow. He buys socks on ebay. Seriously. Don't believe me? Go to ebay. Check it out. Worn socks. You'll find a lot of auctions. This guy wants to hand over his cash to women because it makes him feel like a loser. He loves it. He also wants to be called a sissy all the time. He is what he calls "a money slave". Have you ever heard of someone wanting to GIVE away all of their money, getting nothing in return but being called a loser? Ha! He doesn't mind me talking about him. As a matter of fact he thinks it's great.

What is the craziest fetish you've heard of? Have you found one like this? I know there are others out there. I could add more to this list! This guy is not just some dude working for minimum wage. This guy runs a company and makes a lot of cash. He is a business man. You wouldn't be able to pick him out of a crowd, if I didn't tell you who he was. He has the cash to give out. He lives the high life. No one knows about his secret.  It's pretty funny but I'm not making fun of people with fetishes. I want to hear about fetishes. I might even draw in some new readers with this topic. lol What's a fetish you have? Are you brave enough to tell?


Kinky Perry said...

I like to have my lady friends on the kinky submissive side. Like your friend there are women out there that like to be bossed around, humiliated and are into bondage.


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