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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Stupid Truck. It's Called a Stop Light for a REASON.

To the truck driver who sped up and BLEW through the red light today. Up yours. That's right. Some moron was coming up to the intersection really fast. We had a green light for several seconds but noticed he was flying. I would say he was going about 55 to 60 in a 45. The hubby slowed and said "hmmm...I don't think this guy is gonna..." Then sure enough that truck gunned it and blew through a stop light. I mean that light had been red for awhile. It's not like he was trying to beat a yellow light. I'd also like to say thanks to the hubby for having the sense to see it because I wasn't even paying attention. I am glad that we aren't road kill right now!

He would have slammed into us on the driver's side. Me, my husband and three of my girls were in the van. How would he like to be responsible for that mess? Yeah. Well I hope he didn't blow through that one and then end up hurting someone else. I just hate idiot drivers.


Christy said...

I loathe careless drivers like that and truck drivers all too often are careless. I cannot even count how many times a big truck has almost hit me after coming through a toll lane and having to merge.


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