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Friday, August 13, 2010

Going Out For My Last Free Weekend

I start school on Monday. That's right. It's back to the Nursing School grind. I will be busy again. I hope this year isn't as bad as last year, but I have a feeling it will be. I am preparing myself mentally for the lack of sleep that is sure to come. I even got an assignment already! My teacher sent an assignment that is due the first day of class. I guess I'm not meant to enjoy my last few days of summer vacation. *sigh*

I decided that I'm going out this weekend. I deserve a last moment of freedom I think. I want to eat somewhere nice and then maybe sing to my heart's content somewhere. I entered an Idol type of contest by the way. I am not sure if I'll be in it yet because it only takes the first 20 applicants. This is a local thing. I'll find out if I am in it about 5 days before it starts which is the 27th. Crazy!! I'll keep you updated. ;)


Anonymous said...

Hope your weekend isa good'n!

sandy said...

Good idea to go out and have some fun before you head back to the grind. Good luck on the contest, keep us posted. I'll send ya some good vibs.
Maybe this year will be less difficult for you in school, simply because you know more what to expect and how to deal?

Jeanies Heavenly Treasures said...

I hope that you had fun! I wish you the best in school!
Drop by my web site sometime! I have a contest on right now for a wristlet!



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