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Friday, December 30, 2011

Stomach Ache? Pain? Two Weeks?

Literally since my graduation night I have had off and on and stomach pain with other various issues. I am serious here. I am so ready for it to go away. I will think I'm better and fine then it hits me again. This comes with random nausea for no apparent reason and other stomach "issues". This is not like me. 2 weeks. Actually about 20 days at this point. It goes away, it comes back. Today I woke up with more tummy pains after a great birthday that ended with more stomach pains. I think it's enough. I'm DONE. Never had gastrointestinal issues for this long before. Stomach flu doesn't last this long!! :(


Da Dude said...

Why don't you go to the Doctor? You should know better.

Sandi said...

Yeah it's because it would come and go. I will be fine for days. But I am feeling great again. Couple of days of feeling good. We'll see if it sticks around :)


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