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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mean? No I Don't Think So

All my life I have been labeled as the nice girl...kinda quiet until you get to know me. I hate confrontation. I don't fight. I don't like to argue. I am pretty much a peaceful person. During my time on clinical I have been assigned a partner. We work together. As a nursing student we are taught to delegate jobs and to get our own tasks done. My partner had a medication to give the other day. She had to have an RN or our instructor watch her give the med. It was an IV push medication. So we looked for the RN assigned to us. She was nowhere in sight.GONE. So I told my partner that she needed to find our instructor or get another RN to watch. She insisted she was trying to avoid our instructor having to watch. (haha) So I said ask an RN.

She walked around with the medication for about 30 minutes and I started to insist that she ask someone at the desk to come watch her. It takes 5 measly minutes. Well she was just flat out too chicken to ask. So, not being able to take it anymore, I asked the nurse if someone could come watch. Our medications have a time frame to be given and if she didn't do it soon, it would be late. I told the desk nicely, we weren't sure where our RN went (as she did not tell us) and we needed to give the med. The RNs at the desk said "Oh she went down with a patient for a procedure." I stated "oh, well there ya go." This in turn prompted my partner to say "Oh that's why people think you are mean!" um...what? No one in all my life has said I was mean! I have been constantly told I let people walk all over me, that I'm too nice etc. I have been told this by professors. I need to be more pushy etc. However my "there ya go." Simply meant "oh so that's where she is. That explains why she isn't here." That's what I mean. I was upset with my partner for saying that out loud to the nurses, making them somehow think I am a mean person...which I am NOT. The irony here is she is known for being blunt and kinda mean. She prides herself on "saying what she thinks." She even stated to me that she is the only one who will tell me I am mean. I told my husband this and he was shocked. He laughed and thought it was funny. So I ask you. Do you think my comment "Oh there ya go" was mean? Cause if it is, I am just dumbfounded. lol Oh and I will say that I think it was SUPER irresponsible for our assigned RN to leave the floor for 2 hours without telling the student nurses assigned to her. HOWEVER I was not trying to be mean in my comment in anyway. In fact I really didn't even notice I said it until my partner pointed it out.



cynthia said...

Lmao. I have to say you have in fact gotten a bit more bolder in things you say. Never would have guessed you as mean. I have been told I am mean my entire life or I look like a bitch. I expect it anymore and when someone says they don't think that I am amazed.

Da Dude said...

Nope, I don't think it was mean.

Sandi said...

haha Cindi that's something you and I always say. "Well there ya go." AS in "Well that explains it." That's all it meant! I may be more bold but I'm not mean. Maybe to CERTAIN people who have maybe hurt me but not to people in general. And if I am going to be accused of being mean I'd rather it actually be when I was in fact being mean. I'll own up to it! lol

cynthia said...

I do not feel what you said was mean. I have always thought you were too nice to certain people. I get told by everyone that I look mad or mean and I am too honest with people. People like you to lie to them and be fake. I guess that means you are a nice person if you just tell people what they want to hear. I have just never been able to be like that.


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