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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Staying Thin With a Sweet Tooth

It really sucks having a sweet tooth and trying to stay thin at the same time. Some people are under the delusion that I don't eat. However they would be surprised. I just find the right things to eat. I either lower calorie treats, or smaller amounts of the fattening things but I don't deprive myself of anything at all. That just makes you want it even more. I guess I have willpower. I recently bought a package of the new Strawberry Burst Oreos. The surprising thing about Oreos that people don't realize is that they are 100% vegan. That's right. Totally vegan. There are no animal products in Oreos at all. I found this out by accident while doing research for my daughter Gabbi who has a milk allergy. It's hard to find sweet treats for her. You can't imagine how guilty it makes a person feel to eat some ice cream and your 3 year old is staring at it wanting a lick but she can't have it. So the Oreos are here for those occasions. I don't let her have them a lot. She can have plain chips too for a snack. As far as sweets go, Oreo is probably her fave.

The other thing I absolutely adore is the Twix Ice Cream bars that are in the 90 calorie size. They are tiny and I somehow manage to eat just one. Most people probably would laugh at it, but it gives me the sweet taste I need and that's that. I might have more than one a day but never at the same time.

I love sugar. I love sweets. I wish I could eat a donut or two every day. But I don't. I know I can't. It's not that hard. I just don't do it. That's all. I'm not starving by not letting myself have those things. I'm being what I consider smart. ;)



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