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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Not Sure What's Up With Me

I've been cooking like crazy lately. I think I have so much time on my hands being on vacation that I just want to cook a lot. I made a chicken taco/enchilada casserole tonight. I found a recipe but I tweaked it a lot. It was amazing. It's just lucky that I've been exercising more as well as cooking more. It helps!

I have also been enjoying summer break doing things like reading (for fun instead of text books), shopping, spending more time with my girls and going out with friends. Even though I am glad to be away from school I do miss my school friends. They are going out for drinks on Saturday and I plan on being there. Last week I heard a good local band. It's nice to support the local music. The band was good though. I believe they call themselves Damm Strate or something. I honestly am not sure how they spell it, however I do know they don't spell it how it "should" be spelled. haha

I would really like to take a vacation but at this point it's not looking promising. I need a beach somewhere!


lina said...

Hope you do get to go to the beach this summer and enjoy yourself. :)

I wish I can go laze around the beach too. ^^

Kloggers/Polly said...

Well if you can't get to the beach then find a nice shady place in the back garden - it's the rest that we all really crave in these busy, busy lives!

Ava said...

I need a good book and the beach.

The Tame Lion said...

I just went to Hawaii to wind down and got a wonderful tan;
then I got the hotel's bill and turned white again.

Sandi said...

Lina I sure hope so too! I will read my book and relax regardless.

As for turning white again? Ha!!! I would probably do that as well.


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