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Friday, May 6, 2011


It's May? I mean.....May? Yes! Sweet! I have two finals left and then I am off of school for the summer! I am so happy that I'm not even studying right now. haha Yeah well, I will. I have good grades already in the classes. I couldn't fail these courses if I tried at this point. Regardless, I am so happy to be at the last semester. Starting in August I will begin my final semester and graduate in December. If I like you, you might get an invitation to the ceremony. I have worked hard to get here. I am planning on partying pretty hard, Nurse style. I know a few girls who already have this down pat. I'm thinking I need to rent a party bus!!!


Just Plain Tired said...

I'll bet you're glad this semester is about over. Enjoy your summer!

plin said...

Graduation time already. Time really flies by fast. I remember when you first posted on your blog regarding going back to school and the frustrations that came with it. Congrats!


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