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Sunday, May 29, 2011

High Arches

I recently bought myself a pair of the Skechers Shape Ups. Actually it's been a few months. I didn't really expect it to help tone my butt much. haha However I was hoping they would be comfortable and maybe help my posture a bit. As a nursing student I sometimes spend a lot of time on my feet. I had an unexpected happy result from these shoes. I have really high arches. The shape of these shoes causes the middle to kind of push up. Hard to explain but if you look at the shoe you might be able to understand. It causes a lot of support to the high arches and my feet do not hurt at the end of the day like they used to. I notice I am not getting back pain from standing on my feet all day anymore either. So I love my Skechers. This is my own personal opinion. I am writing this simply because I was thinking about it, not because someone paid me too. I have always dealt with arch pain. When I was in school I played basketball (a dream that faded when my height never increased passed 5'2"). My feet would always kill me after running a few laps or doing a few suicides. Awful.

On the other hand I have, as far as feet go, always thought I had pretty nice feet. haha A high arch looks good not to mention I think my feet are kind of made for a high heel. My feet hurt MORE wearing flats then heels. People make comments on how I can handle wearing my heels but honestly they feel better than a flip flop after a few hours. Flip flops or flat shoes are really bad for the feet as well. I recently read something on it. I actually had a bruise on the bottom side of my foot after wearing a pair of flip flops all day. I have no idea if that is truly what caused it but my feet were killing me. I had worn them longer than usual that day. I was on my feet for a long period of time as well.

I'm sure others can relate to my issues. If you have some shoes that really help your feet, whether you have a high arch or a flat foot please share. I hope that someone reads this and gives the shape ups a try.



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