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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Studying and No Motivation

I really am not motivated. I skim the book and write without absorbing this Nursing Research stuff. When it comes to taking out chest tubes, or inserting NG tubes I'm all ears. When it's researching APA format and learning how to formulate a Hypotheses it's all about the snoozing. Didn't you get bored reading that? Yeah that's where I'm at.

Next I get to learn how to do Heparin calculations. Yes I am sure that bored you too but I find it much more interesting. This is why I need a break now and then though. I can't do this stuff every second of every day without occasionally getting away from it all. Getting away is what keeps me sane! I had a really good time this past weekend at a doctor hosted dance for the nursing students. It was a blast and great to hang out with people from school in a non serious way. :) Now if only I can get out again this weekend. hmmm


Just Plain Tired said...

I've heard too much studying is detrimental to one's health. I'm sure that bound to be covered in one of your courses this spring. ;)


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