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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bar Update?

I have posted about my parties before. I have a great basement for parties. I also have a full bar. I have some old bar stools down there but I think I would like to get some more modern bar stools. The ones I have are outdated. I think it's about time to have another party and I'm more than sure my guests would appreciate it. I think something more comfortable is in order. I might even look into something with some backs to it. I like comfort. The bar itself is a bit outdated and could use a new paint job but for now I am just thinking about bar stools. The picture below is from a Halloween party at my house 2 years ago. Fun times. :)


Anonymous said...

OH my! Naughty bird photos on your blog!

Congrats on this:

The Constant Complainer said...

I remember when this party actually took place and seeing the pictures. I love Halloween parties!!!

Happy belated Valentine's Day my friend.


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