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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Little Girls Are So Mean

It's true. I have four of them so I should know. However my recent story is about a birthday party my little girl attended. For all of you guys out there, and I know some of you have kids, have you realized how catty, nasty and cruel little girls are to each other? You might be best friends one week and the next you are the outcast they are all ridiculing and putting down. This is one thing about little girls that isn't so sweet or nice.

My complaining is because of my 10 year old. She recently attended a birthday party. It was the 11th birthday party of a friend. Well during this party each girl went around the room telling what "boy" they had a crush on. 10. Well my daughter has a crush on a little boy and has for some time. The girl who had the party then stated she had a crush on him too. So what did she do? She called him and asked him to be her boyfriend while my daughter watched. That's right. MEAN. I just don't get little girls. At times like this it would have been nicer to be a boy!!! haha :)


Rachel said...

R's teacher has commented that this year's batch of girls seems meaner than usual. Poor R has been picked on a lot. One girl likes to point out people she likes, pointedly skipping over R. Why are little girls so mean?

Dorothy L said...

Gosh I am glad my daughter survived the niece is going through it and it is not fun to watch.

One really has to wonder where they learn this type of behavior is founded~

~He who has no Christmas in his heart will never find Christmas under a tree ~Merry Christmas~

Chick Geek said...

When i was a kid of 7 years old, we moved to a new apartment and there were other kids in the same building as well (5 of them, or so, all of them were girls).

At my first day there they accepted me and we played that whole day all together. But the next day i came out they all were pretending that not only they do not know me, but that they also do not see me at all. I was kicked out forever, in years to come no one would play or talk to me - except for a few words around adults, to be polite while they watch.

We lived there for five years, and then moved again. When i came back to grab some of the last belongings left at that place, i went on to use a turnstile (we had one in the building's backyard) for the last time, and these girls were standing next to it. They thought i'm coming for them and together they started walking backwards, to get away from me.

It was 13 years ago, and i still remember how hurtful and unjust it all was, when i spent days indoors, citting next to a window and watching them all playing together. Because of them i never learned to communicate with other children (i did not go to school, studied at home instead), and never tried to make friends in real-life, i guess, because i was afraid of people turning their backs on me.

So, why i'm writing this sheet of text, lol - morale is that children can be very cruel, and better keep your child away from those, because other people's doings can affect her life for a very long time, even if both of them are small kids.


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