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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Confessions of a Shop A Holic??

Not quite. But I do love to shop. I never have seen that movie. I figured it must be about me. OK. Kidding. I do love to shop. I wish I had an endless supply of cash to support my habit but that won't happen. So I just enjoy the opportunities I have to actually just shop when I can.

I have to go buy another dress for a wedding this weekend. I have a Holiday (Christmas) party after that. So it will be a busy weekend. I could do without all this freaking snow though. Yes it's so pretty. I live in Illinois. It gets old. I can't just walk outside to my van. I have to walk outside through mounds of uneven hard frozen lumps of snow. It's only December and it feels like January. I am NOT dreaming of a White Christmas this year. I am guaranteed it unless it hits 40 degrees for a week! This will not happen. Right now we're lucky to hit 20 degrees. I will live somewhere warm one day!

I am excited to go buy the dress though. I am going out with a friend when this is all done. I have a good friend Denise who I very much love to party with. She has a friend that I just met this past weekend for the first time. He seems sorta quiet. We'll have to fix that. :) I can't wait for Saturday!!!!



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