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Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 2 Nioxin

My hair is really soft. I have noticed much less hair in the drain after I wash my hair. I love how my hair feels. I still love the tingly, minty clean feeling it gives me. I think my hair feels instantly thicker. There is a lot about this product I love so far!

On a side note, my big Halloween party is tomorrow! I cannot wait! Party time!! :D


Just Plain Tired said...

I have a small bald spot, think it would help there? Just kidding, not about the bald spot, just the help part.

Enjoy your party!

Sandi said...

lol It might actually help the small spot NOT become a big spot! ;) And thanks. I fully plan on it.

Just Plain Tired said...

lol - The bald spot really doesn't bother me. I'm aging with grace, or inevitably. But the alternative to aging isn't that appealing. ;)


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