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Friday, October 29, 2010


My costume had to change. The costume I had was just too big on me. It was a size small and the smallest one they had but that cute little skirt was a dress on me and those gloves came up to my armpits. So now this is my costume:

Gonna wear it to a Halloween costume contest tomorrow night....then for my big party on Saturday of next week. So excited and I'll be posting pics.

I'd write more on my blog but I'm so insanely busy with clinical right now. I'm doing Psych and OB right now. The past week I have sat in on Group Therapy sessions and dealt with patient who had various mental disorders. These are much more common than people think and range from severe anxiety to depression to bipolar. I have also watched a c-section and natural birth...tended to a baby who had to be admitted to NICU...and take care of infants in nursery. I have been busy. This is not counting the family things and all the tests and paperwork I do. I stay busy!

Now I'm supposed to be doing paperwork. I really don't want to but it must be done. good night all!


Just Plain Tired said...

Wife, mother, and in school would definitely make for a crazy, busy life. Enjoy Halloween, and stuff. :)


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