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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Halloween and Dressing Up


I love getting into costume. I absolutely WANT an excuse to dress up. So I have a Halloween Party each year. I wasn't sure if it was gonna happen this year. I think my solution is to have it the week after Halloween. I just have to do it and I found the perfect costume! If you remember my Halloween pictures from the past I have been a Lady Bug and a Naughty Nurse.

This year I'm going for Burlesque. :) I found the hottest costume ever. I can't wait to wear it. I will absolutely get lots of pics from the party.

So what do you all think of dressing up for Halloween? Just for the kids? Or adult fun too?


Papa K said...

I never got to celebrate Halloween as a kid so I LOVE TO DRESS UP. I also like to look at all the Halloween costumes that MY WIFE could wear... there's some good ones!

Sandi said...

oh no doubt Papa! I tell you it's hard to decide. I love sexy costumes. lol I want it to be presentable but still sexy.

jenn said...

We have a Halloween party every year for my sons birthday, and everyone dresses up. My costume usually consists of some type of ears and a tail...I am way to big for a sexy costume. lol!

Just Plain Tired said...

Dressing up for Halloween is for anybody. Actually answered this on your other blog. ;)

Karen and Gerard said...

I think it is mostly for the kids but it can be fun for adults too. I was never very good at it. My most creative one was when my friend and I went as a pair of dice.

The Constant Complainer said...

We always dress up and attend a party. I think I'm going with my jail convict or Michael Meyers outfit this year. LOL.


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